Dr Marisa Slabber Biography:

Dr Marisa Slabber

I grew up in Phalaborwa next to the Kruger National park.

I was very interested in medicine from my earliest childhood years, and loved following my dad, Dr Willie Slabber, on his rounds in hospital.

I also preferred the company of all animal species and nature. Dr Sampie Ras was our local veterinarian and I was with him over most school holidays and I will never forget his kindness, gentle support and guidance.

It was due to the wonderful veterinarian AND person that “Oom Sampie” and my dad was, that guided me towards this profession.

I have been blessed to  work all over the country with so many wonderful kinds of animals for quite a few years.

I am a certified veterinary acupuncturist (CVA) from the Chi University in Florida USA, and recently also did a little research (MSc) on the effects of different frequencies of electro-acupuncture.

It is my goal to deliver an individualized approach (because every animal’s body and constitution is different), in a holistic way, that is the basis for good veterinary medicine.


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