Rider posture and your horse

Very often I have come across riders that have no idea how rider posture can affect their horse.  Horse riding is like a dance, where two beings need to merge their movements and intentions in the same direction and at the right speed to produce “the magic” of horse riding. Scientifically speaking horses respond to […]

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How to choose a good death

For many people, the memory of the loss of a pet or a beloved companion can bring on feelings of tremendous sadness, grief, anxiety and depression, to name but a few.  The fact that one even has a choice may make additional feelings of guilt and helplessness, aggravate the decision and process.  Where in fact,

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Chinese Herbal Therapy

Many plants, and more specific many herbs have been used since the beginning of time, known to man, for their cleaning, calming, ceremonial and healing modalities, to name but a few.  These uses were handed down from generation to generation mostly by direct oral teachings, for instance from mother to daughter.  Some people in a

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Acupuncture for horses

Acupuncture has been used as a treatment modality for horses many thousands of years ago, as documented early on in Chinese scripts?? This treatment modality is not only used in the treatment of pain, but also medical conditions, as well as maintenance of healthy physical function and constitutional balance, therefore delaying the onset of degenerative

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Parasite control for horses

Horse farming or stabling or keep has changed dramatically in the last 50 years.  We have become a society where space for grazing and leisurely outrides in semi extensive conditions are just not possible any more due to the increasing demand for human housing and settlements.  This also has had a great impact on the

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